Moving some print material

I have decided to move some of the training materials to

In order to cover the costs of this site, users can now download the Understanding CAD-371 instructional document as a kindle readable document, or order a hard copy from Amazon.


Welcome to Understanding CAD-371 – A Generic Interpretation

The Site:

The intention of this site is to gather information, so the air carriers conducting operations will have a reference point towards the safe application of the regulations.

I have added the based lined regulations, downloadable tutorial material, and a quick reference guide.


The documentation is provided “AS IS” and is solely intended to provide a general understanding of the author’s interpretation of the CAD-371 mandated Regulations.

The author makes no representations and disclaims any and all responsibility for the completeness or accuracy of the documentation. The author reserves the right, at his discretion, to change or modify the documentation as deemed appropriate.

None of these interpretations are endorsed, or approved by DGAC(Hong Kong)

Always check the approved OPSPEC and Operations Manual.